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Animal Gadgets: Tech For Your Pet

These days, technology caters for pets too and we’ve seen all manner of devices in our time, from tweeting dog collars to GPS trackers. Whilst the some of the many gadgets available for our furry friends are actually quite useful, we dug a little deeper to find some examples of crazy pet tech (we left out the electric pooper scooper though – just in case you’re eating whilst reading this!). Take a look:

What did you just say?

Some of us probably wouldn’t admit to talking to our pets as if they were human, even though it’s just a one way conversation with the odd bark or meow thrown in. Now though, you can find out what your dog is actually saying thanks to the Bowlingual Dog Translator.

The pun-tastically named gadget has been created by Japanese toy company, Takara Tomy and includes a microphone that you hang around your pooch’s neck and a handheld digital reader which does the translating bit. The gadget doesn’t go as far to translate the exact words (it thinks) your mutt is saying. In fact, it translates six emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, needy, threatening or assertive, so you’ll always know whether poochy wants a cuddle or is probably best left on his own.

If you have a cat, there’s an iPhone app that can break the language barrier too. The MeowLingual app records and analyses your cat’s meows to find out what the moggy is saying. It’s available for free and in a paid-for version, although we’re not sure whether the price is a good indicator of how accurate it is!

Another point of view…

Ever wondered what your feline gets up to the moment it goes out of the cat flap? Or what the world looks like through your dog’s eyes? Then this is the pet tech gadget for you! The Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera attaches to your pet’s collar and takes pictures every 1, 5 or 15 minutes depending on how you set it. You can then upload the pictures to your computer via USB and check out your pet’s photo-taking proficiency or just have a nosey at where it’s been.

Potty training

We’ve all heard of people who’ve managed to teach their cats how to use an actual toilet, but now there’s a way to rid your house of that darn litter tray without having to spend hours in the bathroom with your moggy. The CatGenie is the world’s first self-flushing, self-cleaning cat toilet which at £279, is a bargain if it means you’ll never have to reach for the litter scoop again. The device even washes, cleans and dries itself too! It really is the stuff cat owners’ dreams are made of.

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Why do pets stand by the door making whatever noise it is that they make but just stand there as soon as you make the effort to open it for them? We’ll never know, but thanks to the Pet Chime Doggy Doorbell, we’ll no longer be dictated to by the whims of an animal. The gadget is pretty similar to the doorbells use by humans and features a button which your pet can press whenever it wants to go out. It comes with a wireless speaker that picks up the gadget from up to 100 feet away, so your four-legged friend doesn’t even have to be in view to tell you to open the door. Of course, there’s always a chance they could press it for fun (it’ll be the cats that do this, you can bet) but it could prove to be a handy addition to the home when used properly. Good luck trying to teach its correct usage to your pet though!

Pet Laundrette

Bathtime and dogs often spell disaster in most homes but someone has finally realised that washing your pooch can be an painful experience for both of you. Introducing the Dog-o-Matic Washing Machine that literally does what it says on the tin. Just choose your dog size and wash cycle, stick your stinky mutt inside and they’ll come out fresh as a daisy. Although the dog in the picture looks less than amused about his spring clean, inventor Romain Jerry insists that most pups love it. One of his machines is already proving a hit in France and he’s hoping to bring one to England soon. Form an orderly queue…

Open Sesame…

Now, we’ve heard of tweeting dog collars before but a Twitter-enabled cat flap is certainly a new one. A handy programmer (whose name we don’t know but would sure like to find out) has invented a cat flap that sends a tweet every time one of his two felines, Gus and Penny, goes in or out of the house. The whole set-up is fairly impressive as each cat has a small RFID tag on the collar that opens the flap whenever they’re nearby. Once they go through, a tweet gets sent to the cats’ very own Twitter page (@GusAndPenny if you’re interested…) and a camera placed above the door captures the moment as well. And to think this all started to stop those pesky neighbour cats stealing Gus and Penny’s food…

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