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After ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ And ‘Blade Runner,’ Hollywood Should Adapt These Philip K. Dick Stories

Philip K. Dick is a Hollywood staple, with nine of his stories turned into feature films, most of which have done quite well at the box office. From "Blade Runner" to "Minority Report" to "A Scanner Darkly," we've embraced his specific sci-fi twist on our future and never lost our appetite for more.

Today's "The Adjustment Bureau," starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, is sure to fit right into the fold. But yesterday's news that Warner Bros. had acquired the right to make prequels and sequels to "Blade Runner" threw us off a bit. Yes, we'd love to learn a whole lot more about the mythology of the replicants and Rick Deckard, but there are plenty of Dick's other stories we'd like to see come to the screen first.

After the jump, we list off our favorites that we'd like to see adapted before there are any "Blade Runner" spin-offs.

"The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch"
Despite its somewhat drab title, "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" offers up a pretty interesting circumstance to be examined. Mankind has colonized every habitable planet and moon in the solar system, but since life is so drab on those planets, colonists must be drafted against their will to live there. To cope, they take hallucinogenic drugs called "Can-D" that allows them to "translate" into the doll "Perky Pat" or her boyfriend "Walt" just to experience a few minutes of idealized life on Earth.

"Ubik" is arguably Dick's most famous work next to "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep," and for good reason. It follows a group of people living in a society where psychic powers are common, and people live in a state of life, half-life and death. Realities become blurred until the truth behind who is in half-life, who isn't and the significance of Ubik is revealed, and it's well worth the wait.

"The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford"
Surprisingly, this Dick short story is not post-apocalyptic, fatalistic or depressing. It tells the story of a young man and his friend, Doc Labyrinth, who develop a device called The Animator that gives life to inanimate objects. They use it on a shoe, and the shoe becomes animate. The shoe, a brown Oxford, escapes and later they find the shoe has stolen the machine and used it on a lady shoe, who it runs away with into a hedge.

What would you prefer: a new Philip K. Dick novel to be adapted or to see a prequel/sequel of "Blade Runner"? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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