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Top 10 Social Mobile Applications

Have you got lots of contacts in different social networks? This free instant messaging service pulls all your contacts into a single list – from MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, GTalk and Facebook. An added bonus is that chat messages received when you are offline are automatically saved.

Many people say this is the best Twitter app for the iPhone. It handles multiple accounts and allows you to upload and share photos and displays your current location, alongside all the other usual Twitter features.

This iPhone app is a location-based review centre that instantly finds information and opinions about pubs, restaurants, local vouchers and promotions. The social aspect comes from the FourSquare-style ‘check-ins’ that allow you to publish your location via Facebook and Twitter.

There are well-designed Flickr photo sharing apps for all the main smartphone devices. With the world’s largest photo sharing network in the world you can upload photos, tag them so they can be added to friend’s profiles, re-size images and geo-tag.

The attention grabbing location-based social app has been the big hit of the smartphone era – and is growing every day. Record your current location, receive information on unique deals and special offers and share this information with your friends on colleagues on other social networks.

You can’t have a list of social apps without mentioning Facebook, which is overtaking Google for the amount of time we spend using it. Facebook has developed a range of apps for different mobiles and is integrated into many new phones so we can update our statuses and keep in touch with friends wherever we are.

This may not be as well-known  but was recently shortlisted by Mashable as one of their top 10 social applications. Gowalla works across all smartphones and works in a similar way to FourSquare, with the focus being on discovering new places and hotspots.

Yelp promises to deliver real reviews from real people across a wide range of categories  covering everything from pub quizzes, local buzz topics and recommended reading. It is compatible with most handsets.

The world’s second largest search engine recently re-launched its mobile site to improve the user-experience. Some people question whether YouTube is a social network, but making comments and sharing content really powers this service and that sounds pretty social to us.

This music streaming app is growing more and more popular every day. It’s easy to set up your playlists and find ones from other people with similar tastes in music – a great way to make new friends.

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