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Quick Hits: ‘Akira’ Gets a ‘Potter’ Writer, ‘King’s Speech’ Creators’ Next

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  • Louis Leterrier is confirmed to direct 'Now You See Me,' a bank heist film about a group of illusionists who rob banks as part of their performance art.

  • 'Harry Potter' scribe Steve Kloves has been hired by Warner Bros. to touch up their Hughes'= Brothers-directed live-action remake of 'Akira.'

  • 'The King's Speech' screenwriter David Seidler may reteam with director Tom Hooper and producer Gareth Unwin for 'The Lady Who Went Too Far,' a biopic about "female Lawrence of Arabia," Lady Hester Stanhope. [via the Playlist]

  • It's less than two years old, but the Korean film 'Castaway on the Moon' is already set to be remade in America. Mark Waters will direct a new screenplay by Michael Goldbach.

  • A clever fan had some fun re-editing a trailer for the Star Wars prequels in the vein of the 'X-Men: First Class' teaser. Check it out [via Blastr]:

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