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Delay in Arnold Schwarzenegger New Film Projects

"arnold schwarzenegger"

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger actor turned politician who is looking forward to make it back to movies will have to wait a while as  Arnold Schwarzenegger is going through some personal issues. According to a recent statement done on behalf of him some new movie projects which had been in talks have been put on hold until he sorts out his personal problems. As this recently made announcement goes it says Governor Schwarzenegger is involved in settling matters of his personal life so he is not in a position to  dedicate time for any new projects. Names of some projects have also been dropped in here and among them are Cry Macho and new The Terminator. The statement concludes that it is to be decided by him when works of those new projects can be resumed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently going through a rough time in his personal life which had started when he and his wife Maria Shriver separated putting on hold their marriage which had lasted for twenty five years. And what had triggered this had been the revelation that he had fathered a secret love child with one of the employers. Actor turned politician had accepted the matter to be true. When looking at his past it is not a clean slate for there have been allegations of sexual and personal misconduct. Thus with this crisis to deal with his fans will have to wait for  a while to see him again on wide screen.

Actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger finished his serving as the governor of California recently and soon after leaving the office he had announced his wish to return to movies. Coming from a remote village in Austria he had made it big in Hollywood as an actor and what had helped him to achieve that deed had been his well built physique. In his career the landmark movie projects are installments of The Terminator and many other action flicks. Thus as soon as the announcement had been made that he is willing to act again the news had made many director to sought him out for their new projects.

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