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NFL’s Quinn Pitcock Makes Comeback From Video Games Addiction

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Quinn Pitcock
A young professional athlete isn't the first image that pops into our heads when we think of video game addicts. But, according to the Seattle Seahawks official website, defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock left his former team, the Indianapolis Colts, because he was depressed and addicted to video games. Pitcock was so depressed that he felt like he couldn't face another year in the NFL, so he quit in 2008. "I ended up using video games as my out, I got sucked into that," he said on the team's website. "I got lost to the world." He retreated into his apartment and played games for hours on end, an addiction that became a greater problem than his depression.

Now, in the mold of all great sports stories, he's getting a second chance in Seattle. With professional help for depression and his own methods for kicking addiction (smashing and burning all his games), Pitcock has tamed his demons, and wants to start a charity organization to help others who battle with gaming addiction. [From: Seattle Seahawks, via: Kotaku]

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