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Poll: Will ‘Never Say Never’ Or ‘Just Go With It’ Win The Weekend?

Box Office"It's hard. We're nervous," Brooklyn Decker told MTV News.

She's not speaking, as you might suspect, about the situation in Egypt or who's going to triumph on the new season of "Celebrity Apprentice." Rather, the oft-bikini-clad Decker, star of "Just Go With It," was referring to the competition her comedy faces at the box office this weekend: a young singer named Justin Bieber and his new 3-D concert film, "Never Say Never."

Which flick will nab the B.O. crown? According to most box-office predictions, only a few million dollars in ticket receipts will separate the two films by weekend's end. It's anybody's guess which one will end up on top.

Few Hollywood stars can as reliably open a movie like Adam Sandler. Even poorly reviewed films like "Grown Ups" ($40.5 million) and "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" ($38.5 million) break big during their opening weekends. What's more, his comedies that don't arrive in the summer, like "50 First Dates" in February 2005, still become $100+ million hits. With "Just Go With It" debuting in over 3,500 theaters, Sandler's latest is likely to cross the $30 million barrier.

"Never Say Never," meanwhile, will benefit from premium 3-D ticket prices, the shrieking devotion of Bieber's fan base, and the fact that in the last two weeks you couldn't flip on the TV or glance up at a billboard without seeing the kid shaking those magical locks. The 3-D "Hannah Montana" opened in just 683 theaters in 2008 and managed to debut with $31.1 million. A year later, in almost twice as many theaters, the Jonas Brothers' 3-D flick collected just $12.5 million. Is Bieber more Miley or more JoBro? Tracking services predict "Never Say Never" may fall just short of the $30 million mark, but it's important to note that those surveys don't sample the seven- and eight-year-olds likely to make up the bulk of the film's audience.

All of which is to say: we're not really sure what's gonna happen at the box office weekend. What about you? Are you certain Bieber Fever will carry "Never Say Never" to victory? Are you positive Sandler's B.O. clout will win the day for "Just Go With It"? Whether you're voting with your head or your heart, it's time to make your opinion known in our box-office poll!

Tell us who you think will win in the comments section and on Twitter!

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