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Abduction movie photos





Abduction movie photos make sure to bring light to movie content that boasts of action and thriller sequences in a great way allowing Abduction movie photos to create a good first impression about forthcoming flick. Highlight of latest movie photos is actor Taylor Lautner who will be seen playing the lead role of this exciting drama. Lily Collins also has been captured in this latest preview. Therefore the first look given through these sneaky peaks sure gets the attention of audience fully focused on images so they can have their fingers crossed for an amazing flick. Heartthrob of an actor mounted on an impressive looking bicycle sure has much to devour with wide eyed awe.

Abduction movie will have in its store a quite thrilling scenario which will allow the entire movie to be an exhilarating cinematic flick fully enhanced with all the adrenaline rushing action sequences to vouch sheer and pure entertainment. Nathan is a young man who comes across to know the bitter truth that those who have raised him so far are not his real parents. What triggers this revelation is when he accidentally sees a childhood picture of his in a website for missing persons. Determined to know the reality of his origins he sets out in search of his real parents. What begins as a search out is soon escalated to something different making him to run for his life.

Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello among many others will be seen in prominent roles of Abduction movie guaranteeing a truly enjoyable motion picture brought out finely with onscreen collaboration of an array of acting talents. Currently in post production directorial of John Singleton is most likely to make it to the theatres sometimes in next years so fans of action and thriller packed flicks are warned to stay tuned in for more previews for this entertaining looking motion picture. With many promising factors to watch out this one sure looks like it will be one of a kind project for sure having some breathtaking and mind blowing factors to be thrilled.

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