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Star Citizen Doesn’t Have a “Final Finish Line” Like Traditional Retail Games, Dev Says

Wing Commander creator and Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts talked about the progress Star Citizen has made in 2014 and its plans going into 2015 in an end of year "letter from the chairman."

"Star Citizen isn't a sprint, it isn't even a marathon," Roberts said. "There is no final finish line the way you would have with a traditional retail game. Star Citizen is a way of life for as long as the community is engaged by it."

With more than $68.7 million in funding and growing, Star Citizen is already the most crowdfunded project of any kind in history. As to why the space sim continues to raise funds, Roberts credited the community that has already built up around the game.

"It’s a project that is being built not just by 300 developers, but a project that is being built by hundreds of thousands of gamers that love PC games, that love space games and want to see a game made RIGHT, one that has such depth and ambition that they can see themselves happily adventuring for years to come," Roberts said.

For 2015, Roberts said that backers will get the FPS module, the Planetside social module, multi-crew ships in Arena Commander mode, and the first episode of the single-player experience, Squadron 42.

In 2014, Star Citizen received 23 updates, and players logged over one million hours into Arena Commander, split approximately 80 percent single-player and 20 percent multiplayer. Cloud Imperium’s staff also grew from 70 to 180 employees over the year, during which it raised another $33 million.

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