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Supercars and stylish concepts slated for Geneva auto show

Lamborghini will put the Huracan in the public eye at the Geneva auto show.

(Credit: Lamborghini)

With a few years of troubles in the European automotive sector and not much preview news, I hadn't been expecting much for the 2014 Geneva auto show. But the last month proved me wrong, wrong, wrong. Almost every major automaker, and many you've probably never heard of, has something big planned for the show, from blisteringly fast supercars, to design concepts, to the kinds of new models that matter for the everyday driver.

Last December, Lamborghini released news of its Gallardo replacement, the Huracan. Not only sporting a 610-horsepower V-10 engine, the Huracan brings in high-tech features such as LED headlights and styling cues that echo the Lamborghini Aventador. It's a new car for the garages of the wealthy and the desktop wallpaper of teenagers' computers.

Geneva will host some competition in this realm, however. Last week, McLaren announced its star of the show, the 650S. Expanding McLaren's model line-up by a third, the 650S boasts 641 horsepower from its twin-turbo V-8. Active aerodynamics and suspension help this one hold ... [Read more]


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