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Infamous: Second Son preorders beating The Last of Us

Preorders for Infamous: Second Son in the UK have exceeded the preorder numbers The Last of Us had at this point in the run up to its launch, Sony has confirmed.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK product manager Josh Walker told MCV that Infamous: Second Son is “benefiting from the goodwill and buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4 and expect Second Son to be the biggest game in the Infamous series to date.”

We don’t know the exact numbers, but we do know that Sony sold more than 3.4 million copies of The Last of Us in less than a month after it launched.

Infamous: Second Son, which requires a 24GB install, launches exclusively for the PS4 on March 21.

For more on the game, check out our recent preview, and our breakdown of the different preorder bonuses you’ll get from different retailers.

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