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Justin Long’s New Movie Almost Had A Very Different, Unintentionally Inappropriate Title

Justin Long has been a busy man lately. That should be pretty evident by the fact that he had to movies to promote when he said down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz this week.

The first, "A Case of You," a film co-written by Long and his brother Christian with Keir O'Donnell, tells the story of a man who molds himself to be the perfect match for the girl he's fallen in love with.

The other is called "Best Man Down," a movie more serious than it's friendly title would have you believe. The day after his wedding, Scott (Long) finds that his best man and best friend Lumpy has died. The film was originally coming to be named after the deceased character, but it was changed recently.

Long explains during the chat how the story of the first movie resonates with him and why the original title of the second might have given people the wrong idea.

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