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Little Ghostbuster gets a sweet Ecto-1 push car

Ghostbusters: the next generation.

(Credit: RottenKitten)

Get ready to envy the heck out of this. The same cool geek parents who brought us this classic Marty McFly and push-car DeLorean last year are the proud sponsors of a Ghostbusters-themed costume and car for Halloween 2013.

Cooper, who has definitely gotten bigger since the last time we saw him, is trading out his red McFly vest for a full-on "Ghostbusters" outfit complete with an Ecto-Blaster backpack. The push-car modifications also have ramped up in difficulty, but his creative engineer parents, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith, were up to the task.

The Ecto-1 mini-replica uses the same Step2 push-car base as the DeLorean. The outside is crafted from cardboard boxes, Mexican take-out salsa cups, soda bottles, LEDs, tape, paint, and bits of electronics recycled from a real vehicle. All the important bits are there, including the massive fins, Ghostbusters logo, police lights on top, and shiny grill.

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