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Insta-Ferrari makes any car an Italian supercar

You might notice some differences between this and a regular Ferrari.

(Credit: Benedetto Bufalino)

No Ferrari, no problem. The sleek and sexy screaming-red supercar of your dreams can be yours, in a way. You just need to track down French artist Benedetto Bufalino and get him to loan you the keys to his Ferrari Testarossa replica.

Bufalino's Ferrari has a few trade-offs. It doesn't quite have the performance of the real deal, but it will attract a lot of attention when you're out cruising. That's because it's actually a full-body car-topper crafted from cardboard, paint, and foil.

The vehicle underneath the disguise is a decidedly un-sporty Aixam City. The Ferrari costume has cutouts to allow the driver to see out the windows. The famous horse logo is attached in the correct places.

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