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75 percent of single men dating online looking for love, not sex

Marni Kinrys is full of interesting answers.

(Credit: Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Boys, you've been lying to me, haven't you?

Not just to me, but to your friends too.

You lurch onto Tinder with your egos and tongues hanging out, claiming you're looking to, as the vernacular has it, hook up.

It's not true, is it? You're sitting at home watching reruns of "Pretty Woman," aren't you? You're sobbing into your hankies because, deep in your hearts, you really just wanted to be loved.

Please don't snort in that annoyingly arrogant way you have. For I have, in my corner, relationship expert Marni Kinrys. She sees beyond your bullish demeanor. And she thinks you're full of it -- full of desperate longing, that is.

She told me: "Nearly 75 percent of my male clients seek my help with the goal of a quality relationship rather than a hookup, which is surprising."

Surprising? It's more shocking than if a Republican and a Democratic congressperson began dating. Men even know what a "quality relationship" is?

Kinrys, who patented something called the "Wing Girl Method," insists that times have truly changed. She told me: "When I started this as a career, men were more concerned with getting laid. Now it seems that there is a shift toward commitment."

Could this be because men... [Read more]

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