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Improving driver safety with tech (Roadside Assistance)

Car technology: it's a bit of a double-edged sword. With one edge, it can be harmful, creating a distraction to drivers. The 15-year-old Antuan had a hard-enough time operating a CD player while driving without running into everything in town. Young drivers today are expected to deal with browsing MP3 catalogs, navigation, touch screens, and incoming calls, and that's just the tip of the tech iceberg. And they must do this while resisting the siren call of texting, tweeting, and Facebook.

With its other edge, however, cabin technology can actually cut through distraction and make the vehicle safer for the driver and everyone on the road with him or her. Voice command, steering-wheel audio controls, hands-free calling, and driver aid systems (such as blind-spot monitoring) spring to mind as tech upgrades that help more than they harm. It's up to each of us as individual and responsible drivers to honestly assess ourselves and choose the level of tech that matches our abilities. For example, just because your car will let you input a destination while in motion doesn't make it a good idea.

With that in mind, I help two users this week to decide on just the right amount of car technology.

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