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Info-starved no more–home energy gadget clues you in

A looking glass into your electricity meter--a sensor that reads data and send it to a Wi-Fi gateway for reading online.

(Credit: Martin LaMonica/CNET)

You may think you know how much electricity you're using, but there's a whole lot more you could--and should--know.

Despite living in the information age, most of us are basically in the dark when it comes to electricity bills, with just a rough idea of how much we consume every month and what it will cost.

Over the last few weeks, I've been testing a whole-house energy monitor from startup Wattvision, which actually answers basic questions, such as how much and when you consume electricity and how it trends over time. I also hooked up my home's real-time electricity feed to another startup's analytics Web service called PlotWatt to get more detail on what's consuming energy.

How to get electricity meter data online (photos)

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A couple of hardware gadgets made it all possible, but using the services showed me that a lot o... [Read more]

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