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Traffic cams on school buses catch drivers running stop signs

(Credit: Thomas Built Buses)

First it was traffic lights and stop signs--now cities are outfitting school buses with cameras to catch drivers ignoring the rules of the road.

Getting caught behind a school bus is another ring of hell for many drivers. And the later you are to that morning meeting, the more likely it seems you will end up behind one that stops every hundred yards or so to pick up another gaggle of kids. Driving around the stopped school bus would be against the law, but that doesn't stop many drivers from doing it, putting the lives of children at risk. Now, some communities are fighting back by installing traffic cameras on the bus to catch violators in the act.

Mounted near the stop-sign arm that extends when a bus stops to pick up or drop off children, cameras watch traffic approaching from both directions. The cameras automatically photograph drivers that ignore the stop sign, and the evidence is sent to the local police department to issue tickets to the owner of the vehicle.

RedFlex and American Traffic Solutions offer similar automated traffic enforcement solutions, and they currently have service contracts in Connecticut, Washington, and ... [Read more]

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