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The Hunger Games Set Visited

The Hunger Games Set Photo

"The Hunger Games Set Photo"

The Hunger Games Set photos which give fans the chance to take a look at how things are going for the project are impressive so The Hunger Games movie photos are bound to be looked at by many with interest filled curiosity. Ever since it had been announced that director Gary Ross is tackling a theatrical adaptation to hit young adult novel series of the same name many had picked up the news with excitement. Though these newly surfaced movie photos do not reveal much as to what viewers can expect from this much awaited motion picture they definitely assure that things are going quite well for the project. Thus fans will have to keep their attention on for any upcoming details about the project.

"The Hunger Games set"

The Hunger Games set

One of the major attractions of The Hunger Games Set photos is actress Elizabeth Banks who is almost unrecognizable in her costume as Effie Trinket. She plays the character of woman who assigned the task of making main characters Katniss and Peeta get rid of the low status associated with their poor district. Her appearance matches what had been said in the book as well and she resembles some one out of an old setting with her heavy hair, dress and make up. Another highlight is young upcoming actress Willow Shields who will be Prim Everdeen in movie. Appearance of her character is in contrast to to that of Effie and dressed in simple clothes poor nature of her home District 12 is highlighted.

Some of The Hunger Games movie photos feature the sets of some of the significant places in movie content. Among them is Hall of Justice a location in District 12 were some prominent events take place. The place sure looks quite fascinating and it will be all the more interesting to see it in movie. another notable item in this collection of images is the photo that features symbol of Panem the name of the country composed of 12 Districts. So with these newly released movie photos audiences have been offered the chance to to find excitement running high in mind of audiences so an amusing flick this is most likely to be.

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