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We Want To See YOUR ‘Super 8′ Movies!

It feels like only yesterday that a mysterious viral video of a horrific train crash containing a presumably even more horrific creature first found its way online. But now, the menace is here. "Super 8" has arrived, and it is awesome. You may have already seen it if you paid attention to yesterday's advanced screenings. If you haven't seen it, perhaps our review of the flick will convince you. Regardless, it's here, ready and waiting for you to embrace it.

In "Super 8," director J.J. Abrams goes back to his earliest days as a filmmaker, reminding us what it's like to shoot your very own homemade movie. And it got us thinking — we're pretty sure that plenty of you guys would want to share your homemade movies, too!

To celebrate the arrival of "Super 8," we're asking YOU to make your very own homemade movie! Head over to Your MTV and upload a one-minute homage to "Super 8." Whether it's a recreation of the trailer, a scene from the movie, something using the "Super 8" iPhone app or another idea entirely is completely up to you, so long as you're specifically paying tribute to "Super 8." And hey, if we like what we see, we'll post our very favorite "Super 8" homage right here on MTV next week!

So what are you waiting for, a train wreck? Get cracking, aspiring moviemakers — get your "Super 8" homage videos online at Your MTV by Monday (June 13) for a chance to be featured here on Movies Blog!

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