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‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ Announces New Release Date, Unveils New Clip

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" was already poised to become one of the summer's biggest releases in a sea filled with blockbusters, and to give it even more of an advantage, Michael Bay is bringing the mayhem your way a little bit early.

Paramount Pictures has confirmed that the third installment of the "Transformers" series will now debut on June 29 instead of its originally targeted July 1 release date. Just a few days early, sure, but we'll take the robot-smashing action as soon as we can get it!

In addition to the news of the film's new release date, Paramount has also unleashed a new clip from "Dark of the Moon." Watch it in the video above and read all about it past the jump.

Josh Duhamel reprises his series-lasting military character Lennox in this scene, which seemingly takes place after the moon-based Decepticons have unleashed their deadly assault on the people of Earth. Lennox stands before a vast gathering of troops, warning them that if they want to claim vengeance against their would-be robot overlords, they'll need to "wingsuit" into nearby Chicago — it's the only way to get close enough to the enemy. Anticipating some pushback from the soldiers, Lennox is pleasantly surprised to see that his men are more than willing to get in on a little bit of payback.

Cool clip, but again… no Transformers to be found anywhere! Where's Optimus? Where's his big brother, Sentinel Prime? We want those guys! We want Shockwave! Really, any robot action will do!

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