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Mark Wahlberg And Will Ferrell’s Football Comedy Looking To Draft Alec Baldwin And Jeremy Renner

Mark WahlbergWondering what Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell's new football comedy is all about? Well, wonder no more!

Adam McKay, who worked with the hilarious duo on last year's "The Other Guys," sat down with Entertainment Weekly and revealed the origins behind the comedy he's tentatively calling "Three Mississippi." According to the filmmaker, the movie was grown from a surprising source — none other than Martin Scorsese's Academy Award winning "The Departed."

"The idea was originally conceived for Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin," said McKay. "Owen Burke, who’s a producer at Gary Sanchez, and I were talking about how crazily funny Wahlberg and Baldwin were in The Departed — how, even though it’s not a comedy, we could just watch them all day long. Burke dropped this idea, and I was like, 'Oh my God, that’s a movie!' Then Will heard it and he wanted in."

In the movie, Baldwin plays the patriarch of a family who start playing in an annual football game after watching the Kennedys play the sport on their front lawn during Thanksgiving. ("Anything the Kennedys do, we’re doing," claims Baldwin's character.) When he falls ill, Baldwin's dying wish is that his estranged son (Wahlberg) takes over the family's team and leads them to victory over their Will Ferrell-headed rivals, who have become wonderfully successful over the years.

McKay, who says he probably won't direct the film, adds that there's plenty of room for cameos in this one, and even identifies Jeremy Renner as one actor he'd like to see in the comedy.

"The whole spirit of it is that it’s just a giant, fun ensemble comedy," he said. "We want to populate it with people we love. There’s a funny subplot with Rob Riggle where he’s a gay cousin that Wahlberg’s family sort of turned their backs on but he played football at Fresno State and they need him. We’re going to try to get Jeremy Renner to play an ex-con. The idea is to bring in, like, 15 people that we love in and just do a big, funny holiday movie."

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