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‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ Director Rob Marshall On The Importance Of Shooting In 3-D

Like so many other big budget movie adventures of recent years, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is sailing into theaters on the increasingly trendy wave of 3-D. But unlike the vast majority of these post-conversion blockbusters, "On Stranger Tides" sports a key difference: this one was shot from the ground up in 3-D.

"We shot it in 3-D," director Rob Marshall told MTV News of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" filmmaking process. "It wasn't converted. It wasn't done on a soundstage against a green screen. It's all very real."

Yes, very real indeed — a real pain in the you know where, if Marshall's recollection of shooting the film is any indication.

"It's complicated with 3-D. It's delicate," he said. "We were kind of crazy doing it, because we were bringing all this equipment into very remote locations. We were in caves and jungles and waterfalls and beaches and ships with this equipment."

But even though shooting the movie in 3-D required additional equipment and therefore additional physical and mental stress, Marshall argued that the results were well worth it — especially given the nature of Captain Jack Sparrow's high seas adventures.

"Even though it's more complicated and it's more expensive, it felt right for this film, because you're inside the movie, inside that adventure with the pirates and Jack Sparrow — immersed into that world," Marshall said. "It's a great world to be part of."

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