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Motorola Potentially Working on Web-based OS

Since its comeback, Motorola has been a huge supporter of Google’s Android and have used it on all their top-end devices. In the process, they’ve created some of the key handsets which helped shape the software’s future. However, they may not be as devoted as Google probably likes to think, as InformationWeek have published a rumour stating they could be working on their own web-based mobile operating system.

Quoting only a ‘source close to the matter’, it appears Motorola have begun hiring engineers with experience in both mobile and web, however it’s a Deutsche Bank analyst who fleshes this out by saying he’s aware Motorola are working on such a system, then adding ‘they don’t want to rely on a single supplier.’

An operating system based on web standards is nothing new, with HP/Palm’s webOS being the most recent to enjoy a degree of success. But does the world really need another mobile operating system? We would assume this will be for Motorola’s use only, but it’s going to have to be very strong in order to compete with Android in their range.

Unless this possible OS is going to be something like Bada is to Samsung or Symbian is (now) to Nokia – a second OS sitting alongside their flagship devices running Android? Or perhaps there are plans for new mid or low-range models from the well-established manufacturer?  Motorola’s own comments on the rumour were on-message though, as they said ‘we’re committed to Android as an operating system’.

Let’s just hope that all these people Motorola have hired will ensure the user experience of a new Motorola OS is nothing like their previous attempts, as over the past year they’ve managed to shrug off the ‘good hardware/flaky software’ reputation of old.

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