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Original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Renamed As 10.1V

The other day, Samsung sent two heavy blows Apple’s way after lifting the curtain on a double helping of Galaxy tablets even thinner than iPad 2 at the CTIA 2011 show.

The Honeycomb-sporting Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 lived up to speculation claiming it was thinner than its fruity rival, with an 8.6mm body. However, the tech world wasn’t entirely surprised to see that Sammy had shaved some weight off its bigger brother, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 too.

Rumour had it that alarm bells rang in Samsung HQ after Apple unveiled the 8.8mm iPad 2 at the start of this month and the spurred the Korean firm into action, making10 inch offering even thinner in a bid to keep the pressure on Steve Jobs and Co. But why let a perfectly good tablet go to waste?

To avoid confusion once the two versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hit the market, Samsung has renamed the original and slightly thicker version, the Galaxy Tab 10.1V. Some tech sites are claiming that the UK will only get the Galaxy Tab 10.1V rather than its thinner counterpart but Samsung told Know Your Mobile that the new tab “isn’t replacing the initial one announced at MWC”.

So, there you have it! UK release dates for the latest devices in Samsung’s galactic tablet range are a little sketchy at the moment, especially with Google reportedly holding back any devices with custom UI’s over Honeycomb (both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 have Samsung’s TouchWiz software on top). We’ll let you know what happens.

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