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Dorothy of Oz Poster

"Dorothy of Oz Poster"

Dorothy of Oz Poster

Dorothy of Oz movie poster catches eye of audiences at first glance itself for it has a captivating look in it so Dorothy of Oz movie poster can be mentioned as an ideal kind of a preview for movie going crowds to wait for upcoming motion picture. With the use of striking colors the stunning combination has a poignant and powerful effect on viewers and they cannot help but feel spell bound by this. Moreover the caption which goes as there is trouble in Oz sounds quite intriguing.

Family musical animation previewed by Dorothy of Oz movie poster can expect to be the exciting and enjoyable motion to be viewed by entire family. So through upcoming motion picture kids and adults alike will be enabled to find themselves looking at an eye catching and visually stunning animation movie. Moreover the star studded cast which has names like Lea Michele, Dan Aykroyd and Patrick Stewart included in it will also enable audiences to look forward to this flick with awe and inspiration.

Though it will be next year that animation flick previewed by Dorothy of Oz movie poster is set to hit theaters this segment suggest that their waiting will be duly rewarded. This time Dorothy and her pet dog Toto find themselves back in land of Oz summoned by Glinda. The Jester has an evil plan in his mind which is to use the power of Wicked Witch of the West to turn people of Oz into puppets. Teaming up with her old friends Dorothy ventures out to stop it.

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