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‘El Bulli: Cooking in Progress’ SXSW Review: Voyeurism for Foodies

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El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

Have you ever heard of the restaurant El Bulli, and do you know anything about its secluded location in Spain, its 35-course meals and jaw-dropping prices? Is the term "molecular gastronomy" familiar to you? If so, you will certainly be fascinated by the documentary 'El Bulli: Cooking in Progress,' an immersion into the research and experimentation undertaken by the restaurant's chefs. If not ... you might feel a little lost.

The conceit of this German documentary is to drop you right in the middle of the chefs' work, with the barest minimum of context, explanation or information. The only set-up consists of a little bit of text informing you that every 12 months, chef Ferran Adria closes El Bulli for six months to develop a new menu for his restaurant.

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