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Android Edging Ahead in OS Battle

Android has crept into first place on the mobile phone operating systems table according to a recent survey by Nielsen. As per Google operating procedure, it’s absolutely dominating all the online devices that can run it (because that’s what Google does), but the battle is close because rivals simply refuse to run it. Apple OS and the Blackberry OS take silver and bronze with their locked-in software and standard devices, while Google’s gold is a combination of many different manufacturers. It’s the definition of open-source vs. proprietary, and this is why they’ll eventually win*. Because their 1% lead comes from 2% more youth market share, and 2% less of the over 55′s lot. Guess which sector affects the future!

*assuming something newer doesn’t come along, which in technology may be the worst assumption ever.

The leading Android handsets are HTC and Motorola, and the way teenagers are now installed with smartphones before puberty means their market share should only increase. The advantage of multiple options, rather than Apple and RIM’s “This is the latest, buy this now!” approach also helps.


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