Motorola Xoom vs LG Optimus Pad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It's the three-way to end all three-ways – we pit the Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus Pad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 up against one another in a clash of the tablet-titans The tablet PC has been around for a while, but it wasn't until last year, when Apple's creative types put their spin on the concept with the hugely popular iPad, that the technology really started to take-off. This week the next generation of tablets went on display in Barcelona and we've singled out three of the best devices on offer at Mobile World Conference for a little head-to-head (to-head) in the hope of finding out which of MWC's impressive next-gen, Android 3.0-powered tablets is the best in show. The contenders for this glittering prize are Samsung's next-gen Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola's Xoom and LG's Optimus Pad. But which device will be carried away shoulder high while its peers look on avariciously? Let's see. Display LG's Optimus Pad comes equipped with a stunning 8.9-inch WXVGA display running at 15:9 aspect ratio, which is capable of full HD 1080P decoding. Similarly the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 packs a stunning 10.1-inch TFT also capable of full HD playback. Again the Motorola Xoom offers a lush 10.1-inch screen, with 1080P playback, making for a fairly close run round. In this case Samsung and Motorola split the honours, for the simple reason that their creations offer more screen space. Winner - Motorola Xoom & Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tie. Internals There really isn't anything to separate these three great devices when it comes to their internals. All are equipped with nVidia's cutting edge Tegra 2 chipset, offering a dual-core 1GHz chip, which makes for trouble free 1080P playback, lag-free apps and web browsing and a generally speedy user experience. It's difficult to judge the devices based upon the amount of system memory that they offer, as only Motorola has chosen to confirm how much RAM they've included, which is a generous 1GB. It would be fairly safe to assume that the LG and Samsung offer a similar amount – nevertheless an assumption it most certainly is. For this reason alone we're going to give this to the Motorola Xoom - because it's all well and good having plenty to offer, but if people don't know what they're getting, they won't be as willing to part with their hard-earned cash. Winner - Motorola Xoom << Previous | 1 | 2 | Next >>

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