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New Dell Phone and Tablet Roadmap Leaked, Both Android and Windows Phone 7 Covered

A little under a year ago we saw an extensive leak of forthcoming Dell smartphones, including the Thunder and Flash, and now thanks to Android Central and WPCentral, we’ve been treated to this year’s Dell roadmap detailing not only their future phone plans, but their tablet ones too.

This time there are a lot of devices, but not a lot of detail, and all the cool names seem to have been used up too.  Let’s start with some tablets.  Running Android Honeycomb, we’ve got the Gallo in Q2, the Sterling in Q4 and the Silver Oak and Opus One in Q1 2012. With Windows 7 onboard, the Rosemount should appear at the end of Q2, with the Peju coming in early 2012. The Peju won’t be running Android or Windows 7, but Windows 8!

When you add in a Streak 7 update and a ‘handwriting’ variation of the Android-based Gallo, that’s nine tablets we can expect from Dell over the next 12 months.

Moving on to the phones and things become a little more informative. In Q3 this year, the Wrigley 4″ portrait slider is scheduled, and it looks similar to the Dell Venue Pro. It runs Windows Phone 7, but has ‘next gen’ next to its name, which could indicate the Mango build we’ve been hearing about recently.

Following on a couple of months later will be the Hancock, a side-sliding QWERTY phone running Android Ice Cream and featuring a dual-core 1GHz processor. It’ll be joined by the Millenium, a traditional touchscreen slab with a 4.3″ screen and a 1GHz dual-core processor. The pair also have 8 megapixel cameras and 1080p video capabilities.

It’s impossible to know whether all these devices are set for production, but nothing (aside from the Windows 8 tablet maybe) looks totally out of place. If the Gallo turns up in early April, then the outlook is good for the rest.

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