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Smartphone Sales Increase Over 70% Last Year

Smartphone sales are skyrocketing with a 72.1 % increase in sales last year, according to Gartner’s end-of-year report. The phone market has massively increased in size and complexity, accounting for a fifth of all mobile sales last year – and “all” is one point six BILLION brand new handsets. The complexity comes in with a radical rearrangement of the old order: established brands like Sony Ericsson and Motorola were bumped out of the top 5 by Apple and Research In Motion. Even the cellphone  trinity of Nokia, Samsung and LG saw serious dips in their market share as the high-tech invaders dominated the new market share.

The most interesting entry on that list is the only non-name brand. Mysterious “others” have almost doubled their market share as the urge for the latest and greatest in gadgets enables all kinds of crazy companies to sell new hardware. Brand loyalty has become the new military intelligence, with customers shuttling between services the very instant their old hardware annoys them – and if there’s one thing that can annoy people, it’s a computer. If there’s two it’s a computer and a new phone.

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