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BBC iPlayer confirmed for Android and iPad

Fancy watching Eastenders or the latest Dr Who on your mobile phone? Well now you can as the BBC have confirmed an iPlayer app for both Android 2.2 and the iPad.

The new app lets you watch live TV and listen to the radio, as well as watch the full range of catch-up TV shows, but only via a Wi-Fi connection. The app will be compatible with mobile handsets packing Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1.

The new general manager of the BBC’s future media and technology division, Daniel Danker, said: “Having stuck our toe in the water last year with the iPad, this new native app is a significant improvement on the existing experience and it’s great to be on the Android platform too.

“Our intention is to be on as many devices and platforms as possible.”

The release of the Wi-Fi only app has caused a bit of a backlash since many are arguing that it could be accessible via the mobile web, something that would be a definite advantage for those on the move.

Danker also added that the app would be upgraded later in the year: “This is about getting the basics right, simple apps that makes best use of the portable touch-screen experience.

“We’ll be looking to build in more features throughout the year.”

The app has also raised questions as to whether those using the app would need a TV License? Well, apparently not since there is no new tracking technology to show which households are using tablet devices and mobile phones – although the BBC have insisted that they will prosecute anyone found watching live TV without a license. So do so at your own risk (unless you already have one!).

What do you think about the new iPlayer app? Will you be using it to get your TV fix?

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