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Microsoft unveils Xbox rewards

New loyalty system to award marketplace points for renewing Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, premium TV services, and more.

Microsoft may have recently made it more expensive to play Xbox 360 games online, but it's now giving something back to users in the form of the Xbox Live Rewards scheme. The system will reward those who buy subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, make marketplace purchases, use the UK-only Sky Player service, or take "a quick survey" each month.

The rewards operate on a sliding scale, with one-month Gold subscription renewals netting users 10 points (9 pence, or 13 cents) to spend and annual family pack renewals netting users 400 points. Users' first online Gold subscription purchase will net them 100 points (90 pence, or $1.30), as will activating and using the Gold-exclusive UK Xbox Sky Player service. A standard 12-month single Xbox Live Gold subscription will net a user 200 points (’1.80, $2.60).

If users fill in a "quick" survey each month, they will receive 20 points (18 pence, or 36 cents). Microsoft has also promised that those signed up to the programme will be able to participate in "exclusive promotions" in exchange for "cool prizes," though further information on the promotions and prizes were not forthcoming.

All existing Xbox Live members can sign up for the rewards scheme via the Xbox website.

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