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Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories you may have missed this week:

1.  GSMA Add Further Keynote Speakers to MWC 2011.

In addition to the return of LG to the MWC’s main floor and already announced speakers including Eric Schmidt and Peter Chou, the GSMA have now added Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, Intel’s Paul Otellini, RIM’s Jim Balsillie and most interestingly, Nokia’s Stephen Elop to their 2011 line-up. Does this mean Nokia will have a more prominent presence next year too?

2.  iPhone PayPal Security Fix.

A security hole, discovered recently in the PayPal app for the iPhone could have allowed a hacker to intercept transmissions and ultimately steal login details and passwords. PayPal have sent the fix to Apple for approval and will be offering 100% compensation to anyone adversely affected, although it was only a threat if the iPhone was being used over an unsecured public Wi-Fi system.

3.  HTC Plan for a Happy Christmas.

Digitimes are reporting that HTC have set themselves quite a target for Q4 2010: to ship a total of 8.5 million units. If they do, they will see their market share rise by another one percent to 10% overall.

4.  Galaxy Tab Parts Bill Estimate Higher Than Expected.

Parts analysts iSuppli have stripped down the new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet and estimated that the components cost around $214 to manufacture, a surprisingly low figure considering the price is very close to the iPad, which iSuppli say costs around $265 to build.

5.  In-Flight Wi-Fi, Over Before it Started?

The recent spate of terrorist bombs sent via cargo onboard passenger planes could see in-flight Wi-Fi cancelled before it had the chance to catch on. The reasoning is that such a connection between a passenger and an item in the hold could be potentially deadly.

6.  Vodafone Announce Smartphone Professional Service.

The Vodafone Smartphone Professional Service will allow a company’s IT admin staff to have more control over your company mobile phone including restricting usage, data encryption and even a remote wipe function in case the phone is lost. A one-off set-up fee and a monthly charge will be applicable.

7.  Skyfire Browser ‘Sold Out’.

It came, it saw, it sold out! The Flash-providing web browser for the iPhone proved to be so popular that Skyfire Labs’ servers couldn’t take the strain, forcing them to remove the app from sale until they can offer a proper, reliable and speedy service.

8.  Zynga Eye Android.

Zynga, the social gaming company behind Farmville, announced at the recent Facebook event that they would be releasing their first Android game, and that it would be Zynga Live Poker.

9.  Samsung Galaxy S to be Wi-Fi Direct Certified.

The excellent Samsung Galaxy S is about to become the first Wi-Fi Direct certified mobile phone, a technology that lets two devices link together and transfer data over a Wi-Fi b/g/n connection, but without the need for a router. Details about when this will arrive have yet to be announced.

10.  New Hateful Lamborghini Phone Announced.

The Torino Lamborghini Spyder may sound like a new model of car, but it is in fact a new model of mobile phone. It comes in a flashy box, has a stainless steel casing and a sapphire crystal LCD display, but the 3 megapixel camera makes it sound more downmarket than Lambo would doubtless prefer. It’s yours for around £1300.

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