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Sam Raimi-Produced Horror Movie to Replace ‘Saw’ Next Halloween

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It's nearly a week into November and there's still no news on the status of a 'Saw VIII.' Huh. Maybe they actually weren't kidding about 'Saw 3D' being the last of 'em.

Who knows how long the break from The Ongoing Adventures of Jigsaw and His Army of Secret Assistants will last, but one thing's for sure -- there is no way Lionsgate is giving up the Halloween weekend that has been oh-so kind to their finances for nearly a decade. How exactly do you fill that big, Tobin Bell-shaped void?

Variety has the answer: you fill it with 'Dibbuk Box,' a horror film set to be directed by Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal and produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert through their Ghost House Pictures production company. What we know about the film couldn't fill a thimble, but the brief synopsis on hand sounds refreshingly different from the 'Saw' franchise: "...the story of a family who acquires a box containing evil spirits and their quest to destroy it."

And... Are you ready for this? It's... "based on real events!"

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