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Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories you may have missed this week:

1.  Three Network Upgrade Complete.

Three’s three-year plan to upgrade its 3G network has come to an end, as their 12,400th transmitter went live on Thursday, a huge leap up from their previous total of 7500 transmitters. Three now claim they provide 3G to 97% of the UK’s population.

2.  Windows Phone 7 Will Get Mac Sync Software.

Microsoft has admitted that there is a chance Mac owners will want to buy a Windows Phone 7 device, therefore offering a piece of software that enables syncing between OS X and the phone would be a good idea. The beta program will be available later this year and will only sync ’selected content’, so don’t expect it to like iTunes very much.

3.  Motorola Olympus to be First Gingerbread phone?

The Motorola Olympus MB860, or Droid T2, or even the Motorola Terminator, could be the first phone on sale running Android 3.0, codenamed Gingerbread. The phone is said to also boast a dual-core Tegra processor, so is likely to be something of a powerhouse!

4.  Tweetdeck Also Comes to Android.

A new application for Android is Tweetdeck. Already very popular on both the desktop and the iPhone, this excellent Twitter client can display multiple accounts and offers support for Facebook, Foursquare and Google Buzz. It’s ready for download right now and won’t cost you a thing!

5.  N900 Upgrade to Offer Dual-Boot.

A future firmware update for the Nokia N900 could offer a dual-boot of both Maemo and its unreleased replacement, MeeGo. Of course, MeeGo would be a pre-release version, so you’d have to put up with a few bugs here and there, but isn’t that what N900 ownership is all about anyway?

6.  HTC Bee Pictured.

Previously spotted with a brief spec list, the HTC Bee looks like it will make it to the USA, most likely as a CDMA device on the Verizon network. The feature list hasn’t changed, and it looks similar to the HTC Wildfire.

7.  Barcode Scanner Added to iPhone App.

Amazon really want to make sure you check their prices before buying something elsewhere, as they have updated their iPhone app to include a barcode scanner. Just point the iPhone’s camera at a barcode, the app scans it and then returns with Amazon’s best price.

8.  Opera Mobile Coming to Android.

Not to be confused with Opera Mini, Opera Mobile will be coming to the Android Market very soon. It differs from the Mini version in that it doesn’t have to use Opera’s proxy server to compress downloads if you don’t want it too, and it will offer support for pinch-to-zoom and graphics hardware acceleration. While high powered phones should be fine, we expect this to do well on tablets too.

9.  Huawei Ideos Becomes the Comet.

So much for building a brand around the Ideos name, as Huawei will let their Android phone be renamed the Comet by T-Mobile when it hits the US at the beginning of November. We wonder if the same thing will happen elsewhere.

10.  Another Stuart Hughes iPhone Monstrosity.

Terminally tasteless gadget modifier Stuart Hughes has producing two ultra-exclusive iPhone 4s, named the Diamond Rose Limited Editions, with 500 one-hundred carat diamonds, a rose gold Apple logo and a pink diamond replacing the home button. The utterly ridiculous price tag of £5million will be attached, and they will be sold as a pair to a single client.

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