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You may remember, back when we brought you the details of the officially announced HTC Desire HD and Desire Z, that we also detailed a brand new online support service which would join the two new handsets; Well, this service is now live, albeit a little prematurely considering the two handsets are still only available on Pre-order.

What will allow you to do? Well, here’s a full breakdown:

- Find My Phone - Does exactly what it says on the tin. If you’ve misplaced your phone, you can get it to play a loud ringer, even if it’s set to silent, in order to help you find it. It will also allow you to pin point the location of your phone on a map using GPS, lock your phone, forward calls/texts, send a retrieval message and to erase the contents of your phone should the worst come to worst.

- SMS Storage - Again, quite self explanatory, but will allow you to back-up all of your text messages, re-load them onto another device and also to send/recive text messages from your desktop.

- Contact Manager - Which will back-up and synchronise your contacts, as well as editing information and adding photos. An essential piece of functionality for anyone considering switching phones.

- Navigation and Footprints - allows your computer to acces your phones GPS functionality to find saved locations on Google Maps.

- App Store - HTC will provide a a list of tested and reviewed applications, making your decisions easier and will also let you share these with friends.

So far, if you haven’t already got your order in for a Desire HD or Desire Z, be sure to head on over and do it now, to avoid dissappointment when these handsets finally land!

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  1. jazzy Says:

    I feel HTC is the only brand which can compete with Iphone user interface.

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