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Location Tools Improved on Layar Augmented Reality App

Layar, one of the most popular augmented reality apps to date, has been improved. The Android app has added Skyhook’s Core Engine to provide precise and accurate location information. This is a very important upgrade because the success of the app relies almost entirely on its ability to provide detailed geo- location info. .

Layar allows users to see enhanced information about the items in their local area. For example, you could   find out which homes are for sale around you. In other words, it “layers” data over your current location.

The local info on Layar has been fairly accurate to date however, the incorporation of the new Skyhook Core Engine takes things to the next level. Skyhook is the worldwide leader in location positioning, context and intelligence as it uses a combination of Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS readings to produce a single, accurate location in all environments.

The new Skyhook Core Engine provides even more accurate geo-location information than ever before and it’s significantly quicker to use now too. This particular update is only available on the Android app for Layar at the moment so Bada and iPhone users will have to sit tight for the time being.

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