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Palm Pre 2 Heading to UK Shores?

A device under the codename P102UEU has just been approved by US regulators at the FCC and it’s widely believed to be the next-gen webOS mobile for Europe. How exactly have we come to this conclusion? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Every device capable of roaming stateside has to be compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations before making the trip across the Atlantic. What has led many to believe that this one  is the new Pre is the  codename. Break it down into bite size pieces and you’ll find P102, which refers to the model,  suggesting that we could be looking at the Palm Pre 2. The U stands for the UMTS standard for phones used in Europe, with EU being slightly more obvious referring to Europe, of course!

PreCentral forum members have been busy digging out some possible specs for the new handset. It’s thought that it will have the same slider design and rear exterior for Wireless Touchstone charger plus a 1GHz processor and 1150mAh battery.

We’re expecting to find out more about the potential Pre 2 in the coming weeks and if all goes to plan, we reckon that it could be touching down in the UK very soon.

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