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New Year, New Look: iPhone 5 to Launch in Q1 2011

2010 really hasn’t been the iPhone’s year and it looks as if Apple’s New Year resolution will be putting the Antennagate saga well and truly behind them. Rumour has it that Camp Cupertino are developing the iPhone 5 in time for a Q1 2011 release and it’s going to have a brand new look.

The latest rumour has been sparked by the Wall Street Journal, who reported that “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will be pushed forward from its annual product cycle. While there was no mention that this is because of the signal problems that plagued the iPhone 4, the source claims that they want to contend with the rise in competitive high-end smartphones running on Android. Quite clearly, the manufacturer has every intention of correcting the iPhone 4’s design faults too as the Wall Street Journal’s ‘in-the-know’ contact also mentioned that the new handset would hit the shelves in a “different form factor.”

This latest report follows recent claims that US network Verizon is preparing to stock new iPhones at the start of next year. Q1 2011 is turning out to be a busy time for Apple indeed as it’s also thought that they’ll be launching the iPad 2 then.

Do you think Apple are putting all their eggs in one basket or are you looking forward to seeing what the new, improved iPhone 5 has in store? Let us know in the comments!

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