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New iPhone isn’t iPhone 5…but there will be some changes

Okay, so we now know that a new iPhone is rumoured to be in the pipeline for an ahead of annual schedule Q1 2011 release. The news made us very excited indeed, as ‘in-the-know’ sources revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the next-gen Apple handset will come complete with a brand spanking new look.

Things have moved on since yesterday, and everything is looking a little clearer now. The WSJ also reported that US network, Verizon was preparing to stock a re-designed iPhone and release it at the start of next year, which would signify the end of an exclusivity deal for other US carrier, AT&T just like O2 here in the UK.

If Verizon were to offer the iPhone, Apple would need to modify the network technology first, as unlike AT&T who run the popular handset on GSM networks, Verizon use CDMA technology instead. So, in a nutshell, it looks as if the next iPhone to hit the shelves will have a CDMA chip instead of a GSM one. Of course, this could call for Apple to re-design the device while they’re at it, (and we can’t imagine that they would want to keep the antenna in the same place!) but to what extent?

Regardless of whether we see a whole new iPhone or a new, improved iPhone 4, offering a CDMA version of the handset will open it up to a new range of customers and turn up the heat on the Google competition. We can’t imagine that the manufacturer would break their annual release cycle, but even if we do see a new iPhone at the start of the new year, we all know what everyone will be checking out first…

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