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BlackBerry Bold 9780 snapped in the wild, again.

We reported last month about a black model of the Bold 9780 being caught in the wild, along with a few rumoured specs, well, this time a white version has posed for the camera and brings with it more of the specs list and although still unofficial, ties in with the early rumours.

The new Bold is almost identical to the Bold 9700 with the most noticeable changes being under the hood in the way of a camera upgrade to 5 megapixel (3.2 in the current model), double the RAM at 512MB and of course, it’s going to be running BlackBerry OS 6. There’s still no word about when it’ll be announced or if indeed it is even real, but short of official confirmation from BlackBerry themselves, we don’t really think there’s any more proof needed that this is going to be the new Bold. So, keep an eye on the blog for the inevitable release, we suspect this will be around October time, or if you simply can’t wait and want in on the BlackBerry action now, click here to take a look at our best deals. (Source: BerryCN via PhoneArena)

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