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Britain gets ‘Ginx’ 24/7 videogames TV channel

In November, the UK will be getting its first television channel dedicated entirely to videogames. The channel will be called Ginx and broadcast 24 hours a day on cable and satellite TV.

Ginx TV CEO Michiel Bakker is the man responsible for the launch, and said that the channel won't just be for hardcore gamers -- it'll address a more casual audience too. It'll initially focus on reviews of games, but there'll also be shows that go in-depth on other subjects.

Some suggestions include a segment that follows bands on tour who are into videogames, or sports stars playing sports games. There's also the possibility of E-sports coverage, with Bakker telling Eurogamer: "Is it a good TV show to watch people play games? Does that make for good TV? If it does we'll do it. If it doesn't we won't."

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