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Japanese ‘Tablecloth Hour’ Brings Virtual Yanking to the Arcade (Finally?)

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The tablecloth Hour

We've always wanted to try yanking a tablecloth off a table without destroying all of the fancy place settings. Leave it to our experimental friends from the east to tap into our strangest wants. According to Arcade Heroes, a new Japanese arcade game called 'The Tablecloth Hour' requires players to pull an actual piece of fabric, which yanks a virtual tablecloth from an onscreen table. Naturally, the object is to pull the cloth with just the right amount of touch and quickness so that the virtual dishes don't crash to the floor. If you make your way over to Taito Station in Shibuya, Japan to test the console out, feel free to shout, "TA-DA!" for us. [From: Arcade Heroes, via: Oh Gizmo!]

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