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Andy Aaron’s Handmade, Victorian-Style Calculators Deserve a Tip of Our Hats

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Andy Aaron's Calculators
We've never carried them, but we sometimes wish that we had pocketwatches. You know, with a gold chain arched over the middle button of a sharp looking vest (which we've also never owned). It's a strange sentiment, particularly since most of us don't even wear wristwatches. (There's a clock on that cell phone for a reason.) A slightly less intense, but altogether similar sentiment cropped up when we first looked upon images of Aaron Adding Machines. These handsome calculators are custom made by a guy (or, should we say 'chap'?) named Andy Aaron, and we have to admit that those switches, push-buttons, dials and keys make for the best looking computers we've ever seen. Of course, they're also expensive, and -- let's face it -- not that functional. (Google can do more, and more quickly, for free.)

When we make our millions, though, you can rest assured that we'll get a few. Yes, we'll ride in the back of our horse-drawn buggies, tipping our hats to the ladies strolling past, calculating how to spend our fortunes with our adding machines and impatiently checking our pocketwatches -- tired of waiting for that blasted telegram from the whippersnapper we pay to check our e-mail. [From: Aaron Adding Machines, via: Kottke]

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