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[HD] HeroCraft 2009 : MUMU Judgment Day Java Mobile Game

GameMobix Score: 8.0 /10 (Great) Available soon at Do you think that you know the history of Gerasim and Mumu? In fact, everything was not as described in the books. Disputes, and you did not guess that Gerasim had lived near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and was not Dvornikov, a hunter for artifacts? A «harmless dog» was cloned in stotyschmileonov animals, Hidden in the bottom of Pripyat in anticipation of production ... MUMU reveal to you all the details of this harrowing story. Everyone will receive a paddle, and a unique opportunity to be a crowd of hairy eat gluttonous creatures. Gourmets will be able to settle into the body of the legendary dogs and try to get to the dainty pieces chelovechinki.intrigi, love, betrayal and death. A crackling burst oar sculls, in a series of deadly and diabolical superudarov Combo, you'll learn the most important rule that you always save lives after running Collider: «Do not topite dogs radioactive rivers!».
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