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Watchmen The End Is Nigh : The Complete Experience & 3-Disc Director’s Cut Blu-ray Unboxing [HD]

Watchmen The End Is Nigh : The Complete Experience & 3-Disc Director's Cut Blu-ray This is basically a unboxing/unpacking video. Sorry about my English, was going to fast and was nervous (my first video where I actually talk. Sorry about the camera angles and focus. Special Features : * Warner Bros. Maximum Movie Mode * Watchmen: Focus Points (over 30 minutes) * BD Live * The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics * Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes * Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World * Music Video: My Chemical Romance Desolation Row * Digital Copy Theatrical version The Complete Experience Version : * Parts I and II of The End Is Nigh for PS3 *1st disc of Blu-ray from the orignal * Mini time line poster * Nite Owl and Rorschach Poster They will also be releasing a 5-disc COLLECTOR'S EDITION which will include: *Tales of the Black Freighter * New commentary by Dave Gibbons and Zack Snyder *Under the Hood, 2+ Bonus Features with Hollis Mason's death *Complete Motion Comics. Will be released in December.
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