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Emmy Paparazzi Using Eye-Fi Cards to Send Celeb Pics Home

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Just when you think the media train (or perhaps clown car?) couldn't get any faster, it does: coverage of the Emmys goes wireless this weekend, as Eye-Fi shows up for the festivities.

If the tech sounds unfamiliar, here's how it works: The special SD memory cards fit into your digital camera like any others, except they're able to wirelessly transmit your photos over WiFi, to your computer and/or the Web.

At this year's Emmys, five selected photographers will be immediately uploading their snapshots to, where fans will be able to see photos of their favorite celebrities in near real-time.

"Eye-Fi is dedicated to helping people share their pictures effortlessly and while those memories are still fresh," said Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi, in a release from Eye-Fi. "Whether that's photos you take of your friends uploaded to your SmugMug page, or instant uploads of your favorite actor sent to, we make it as easy as simply turning on your camera."

He left out the part where all the celbs look like "mere mortals" because there's no time for photoshopping, but hey -- nobody said being famous was gonna be easy. Makeup artists, this is your time to shine (or not, as it were). [From: Eye-Fi]

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